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Towle Family [Downers Grove Family Photographer]

Another year, another opportunity this family gave me to photograph them. For their photos this year, we went to Waterfall Glen in Darien. It was the perfect location for this family of 3 boys. And a photographer’s dream place to shoot at. These guys are troopers! I might have taken the wrong trail to the waterfall, which led us down quite a steep hill! Thank goodness they trusted me enough to keep following me! I think it was all worth it. I’m in love with their images.

Downers Grove Photographer_0100.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0101.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0102.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0103.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0104.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0105.jpg

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Downers Grove Photographer_0107.jpg

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Downers Grove Photographer_0115.jpg

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Downers Grove Photographer_0117.jpg

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