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Laning Family [Downers Grove Photographer]

As soon as I woke up Saturday morning, I rolled over and opened the weather app on my phone. It said 0% chance of rain for that day, even though it was a very cloudy and overcast day.

I got up, had coffee with my dad (it is always better with someone else!) and started to get ready. I put my rain boot on – not because it was going to rain, but because I was heading to Waterfall Glen for the Laning’s photo session, where I knew I would probably end up in the water!

As I was driving there, it started to mist. Not rain, but a heavy enough mist that I had to turn on my windshield wipers. At that point, I was thinking that I would much rather still be in bed, than driving to a shoot in the rain. I got there, met this adorable family and we started our walk to the waterfall. And then! No more mist! It turned out to be a perfect day for their session.

Family Photo Session

Downers Grove Photographer_0144.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0145.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0146.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0147.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0148.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0149.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0150.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0151.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0152.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0153.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0154.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0155.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0156.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0157.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0158.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0159.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0160.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0161.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0162.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0163.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0164.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0165.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0166.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0167.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0168.jpg

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Me, You, Coffee, and Pictures [Downers Grove Photographer]

Brrrrrrrr, it’s cold out there! I did not want to get out from under those covers this morning. But, the coffee can’t get into my system unless I drag myself down to my kitchen. I’ve joked about having a “coffee bar” on my nightstand…I might not be completely joking about that.

I would love for you to come have a cup of coffee at my house! Bring the kids for a photo shoot and join in for a few if you choose. This type of session would be super relaxed and candid. You could even dress the kiddos in pajamas and bring their favorite blanky or lovey. Shoot me a message and let’s start planning!

Downers Grove Photographer_0134.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0135.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0137.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0138.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0139.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0140.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0141.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0142.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0143.jpg

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Peters Family [Downers Grove Photographer]

I met up with this sweet family in Downers Grove last year, right when the colors of the leaves were just perfect. I can’t wait for them to change this year. It is so close! We started off in the downtown area. I love getting pictures with the buildings and streets to get that urban vibe. Then we ended in Fishel Park, where the leaves on the trees and the ground were stunning.

Downers Grove Photographer_0118.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0119.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0120.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0121.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0122.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0123.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0124.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0125.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0126.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0127.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0128.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0129.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0130.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0131.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0132.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0133.jpg

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Towle Family [Downers Grove Family Photographer]

Another year, another opportunity this family gave me to photograph them. For their photos this year, we went to Waterfall Glen in Darien. It was the perfect location for this family of 3 boys. And a photographer’s dream place to shoot at. These guys are troopers! I might have taken the wrong trail to the waterfall, which led us down quite a steep hill! Thank goodness they trusted me enough to keep following me! I think it was all worth it. I’m in love with their images.

Downers Grove Photographer_0100.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0101.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0102.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0103.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0104.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0105.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0106.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0107.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0108.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0109.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0110.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0111.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0112.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0113.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0114.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0115.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0116.jpg

Downers Grove Photographer_0117.jpg

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