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Brooke Ambrose

Most days you can find me drinking coffee (ok, everyday), going for a run, decorating my house, and cuddling with my husband Tony while watching Netfilx. I love living in the ‘burbs of Chicago, but deep down, I’m a little bit country. I strongly believe in enjoying life to its fullest. For me that means lots of time relaxing in my bed, going on vacations, eating mac and cheese, plenty of pool days during the summer and skiing in the winter, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family. 

My photography style is genuine, relaxed and shows connection. I will do anything to make you laugh and I promise I won’t make you do awkward family poses. I don’t believe in saying cheeeeese. I keep it simple and light, and focus on the precious, candid moments that naturally happen between the familes that I photograph. I want you to look at these moments years from now and feel all of the happiness from this time in your life come rushing back. 

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